Cities rise and cities fall again; words are spoken and retracted; we meet and talk and things will not be the same again.

Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art






No More Boundaries, 2012

Screen prints and steel. 220 x 300 x 120cm




Ruth Barker, Antonakis Christodoulou, Helen de Main, Vassilis H, Niall Macdonald, James McLardy, Margarita Myrogianni, Aliki Panagiotopoulou, Ciara Phillips and Kostas Sahpazis

PETROSPHERE is part of a series of projects between 5 artists based in Glasgow, and 5 artists based in Athens. Vibrant, difficult, beautiful, caustic; full of friction and full of life, Athens and Glasgow share strong similarities as catalysts for ideas and places for artists to live and practice. PETROSPHERE becomes a platform to explore this through an exhibition curated by the artists themselves.

The new work developed for this Glasgow International group exhibition features sculpture, drawing, photography, printmaking, painting, performance, and video. The exhibition has a bold and confident appeal, with individual works that are rich in texture and detail.

Transforming a basement space within Glasgow's Skypark, the artists' individual concerns are presented within the frame of an architectural exhibition structure. Fabricated 'gallery' walls hint towards a misplaced urban plaza, around which the artworks congregate like new citizens. In a variety of visual languages, they trade isolated words, and sometimes whole sentences, with one another. Science fiction / lament / design proposition / myth / colourfield : a logic emerges from their scattered alphabets.