The Medium is the Message

Words in Printmaking Since the 1960s

Admirers Look On, 2012

Screenprint, 46.5cm x 32cm


Hands Clasped Tightly, 2012

Screenprint, 46.5cm x 32cm

The Medium is the Message features work by a broad range of printmakers, poets, painters, sculptors and writers, from Alasdair Gray to Andy Warhol. It highlights some of the varied ways in which artists use words in printmaking; as one of many formal components of a composition or as a key element to the message they are trying to convey about the world we live in.

The exhibition is partly inspired by Edwin Morgan's Colour Poems, which were produced at Glasgow Print Studio and published by Third Eye Centre Glasgow in 1978. These works resonate strongly with artists working today, and are a key element of this exploration into the use of words in printmaking.

This exhibition brings together works selected from the Glasgow Print Studio Archive with objects on loan from the collection of the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow and three newly commissioned prints by Glasgow-based artists Helen de Main, Kevin Hutcheson and Sue Tompkins.

An exhibition curated by Ben Harman on behalf of the Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow (GoMA) and Glasgow Print Studio.