James McLardy, 2012


From the stairs looking through the window,
I’m a visitor here.

Walking through the door I’m met by a series of rectilinear metal forms demarcating authoritarian stances. Strips of newsprint like lacerated posters pasted side by side over banal elements of the urban environment.
Repetitious hand-torn gestures moulded over raw metal edges,
Skin over bone.
Glancing out through the window back towards the stairs,
Hard line on soft material.

The pale half tones of faded grey, red and yellow hum to the monotonous media machines of the ages,
A white noise from an old television,
No picture here, no text,
A textural broadcast.

Dry fibres remember moisture to form corrugated sheets,
Sugar paper city.

I’m a visitor.

Holding onto the grey metal rail I begin to descend the stairs again.



Polis accompanied the exhibition of the same title, at Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow in Februaray 2012. Please click here to see documentation of the show

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